Blockinvest Ventures funds $30M capital for the development of a potential project Bitcoinnami

Cryptocurrency has always been a craze sector, especially in the recent, the prices of the crypto-coins have been steadily rising despite Covid-19 pandemic which has damaged the capital market.

Following the early stages of Bitcoinnami, Blockinvest Ventures highly appreciate the project’s vision and roadmap as well as the potential of the product their team created. Therefore, this venture have decided to invest $30M in this project, which is the first step for us to build beneficial partnerships and start with the future development orientation.

Blockinvest Ventures is a financial technology project that allows businesses to create bespoke financial instruments. The company seeks to replace current financial procedures by improving the journey of an instrument operator, providing means to enter the blockchain markets and remain compliant. BlockInvest has been investing for many crypto projects and exchanges, they have a full-scale global operation with the ability to trade on all major exchanges and markets.

BitcoinNami is envisioned as one of the first heterogeneous multi-chain frameworks designed to facilitate cross-chain interoperability and scalability of blockchains. This platform functions itself as a global payment connector. With simple technical applications built into the protocol of the system and firm cooperation and integration with international exchanges, users can promptly swap and trade BTCN and other tokens without any troubles.

The fundraise looks like a highly strategic one and so BlockInvest decided to invest 30 million USD to nurture the growth of this application implied for BTCN system’s technology and ideas. At the same time, the venture will make recommendations on strategic directions in the coming time to suit the trends of the times, especially develop ecosystem-oriented strategy.

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